DIETSiTRIED was created to cut through the noise of the diet and fitness industry. We bring clarity to your health and wellness options.


The diet industry uses the same tricks as master magicians: distraction, misdirection, and illusion. DIETSiTRIED, cuts through those smoke and mirrors. We use truth to promote your well-being and peace-of-mind. By doing so, we hope to improve more than just waistlines. We hope to better the world.


DIETSiTRIED will become the number one unbiased source of information about the weight-loss industry on the web. We will be as synonymous with unbiased dietary information as Google is with the internet search. We aim to end the days where false-advertising leads to crushed egos and hospital visits.

  • Robert Derow

    Robert Derow

    Dietsitried Title

    The brains behind, Robert is a highly-strategic thinker with a passion for growth. Growth of his company. Growth of the mind. Growth of the body. Much like his sister, Dawn, Robert believes food is the basis of all that we do. He’s also well-qualified to run a site on the topic. Before joining, Robert spent many years running marketing for Rodale Publishing. He’s one of the faces behind juggernaut brands like,, and In addition, he’s helped develop marketing strategies for the Biggest Loser Club and the Bob Greene Diet.

    So, even if he’s not a Yogi, Robert’s perfectly positioned to help you see through the nutrition industry’s tricks. Currently, Robert works as the Growth Director for Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures (BCG DV).
    You can find out more about his marketing and healthcare experience by visiting

  • Editor


    A freelance writer with more than 10 years of experience, she assumes much of the responsibility for writing and editing the information on DIETSiTRIED.

    While neither a marketing guru or personal trainer, she’s handy with research. She tries her best to provide credit where it’s due. She also promises to give’s readers articles worthy of their time.

  • Dawn Derow

    Dawn Derow

    Fitness and Nutrition Expert

    A perfect blend of personal trainer, yoga instructor, and health coach, Dawn Derow operates with one principle in mind: “Lengthening and strengthening the body leads to a longer, healthier life.” By merging yoga and massage, Dawn empowers her clients through improved posture and flexibility. More important to her than either of those things, however, is wholesome nutrition. A body filled with junk cannot be expected to operate at its full potential. Her desire to help people reach their full potential motivated Dawn to join
    Her list of health and related certifications rivals Santa Claus’ Christmas list in length. In addition to her BioSignature practitioner certificate, Dawn is also a:
    • AFAA Group Fitness Certified Instructor
    • CRUNCH FITNESS group instructor
    • NASM certified Personal Trainer
    • YOGA ALLIANCE certified yoga instructor
    • EXHALE group fitness instructor
    • THAI MASSAGE practitioner
    • POLIQUIN BIOSIGNATURE practitioner
    She’s a woman that practices what she teaches. Aside from constantly working out with longtime mentor Nick Ebner, Dawn’s constantly attending health-related workshops and classes.

    You can read more about her by visiting

  • Aly Goulet