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Best Exercise Programs: Building von Moger Review

With all of the self-proclaimed fitness experts on YouTube and the internet, it can be overwhelming to find an exercise program that you can trust. The best exercise programs are created by trained professionals and the material itself is easy to understand. Most importantly, the exercise program shows results through genuine testimonials.


I believe that Building von Moger is the bodybuilding website and muscle building workout program app that many people have been searching for.

building von moger reviewWhat is Building von Moger?

Featured on the website, Building von Moger is an exercise and dietary program created by 2014 Mr. Universe, Calum von Moger. Building von Moger is both a one stop shop muscle building website as well as an easy-to-understand app for both iPhone and Android devices.


First, let’s talk about the Building von Moger website. When you join von Moger’s website, you become a part of Team von Moger (TVM) and have complete access to the following:


  • Training programs
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Coaching topics


You also have the chance to check out and purchase one of von Moger’s extremely detailed e-books on weight training based on your personalized body type. These e-books are easy to understand and use but I would suggest completing his foundational program first then graduating to the most intensive books. The idea is that these books are going to help push you into the next level of your bodybuilding journey.


Building von Moger is also an app featuring a six-week workout program that is ideal for those beginning a career in bodybuilding. Von Moger takes you through his personal workouts and teaches you the proper form for each exercise and why it’s useful to build specific primary movers.

Strengths of the Exercise Program

Weight Lifting Workouts

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No matter what your experience level is with weight lifting, Building von Moger has an appropriate weight training program.


As a member of Team von Moger, you’ll get to choose between a beginner-friendly and an advanced workout series. Von Moger has also included a workout that focuses on building a wider back. He recently released a workout series aimed at developing that classic physique look of Frank Zane and the Golden Age of Bodybuilding.


With the Von Moger app, you’re able to follow the weight lifting workouts that Calum recommends to develop a bodybuilding physique. These workouts are handcrafted by the man himself and they clearly reflect his knowledge of the sport.


Once you complete the six-week program, you have the opportunity to subscribe and upgrade for $8.99 a month. This will give you access to over 45 personally designed fitness plans from Von Moger himself.


Dietary Recommendations

Von Moger wants to make sure that you are able to attain your size goals by following the proper nutrition program for muscle mass. In both the website and app, Von Moger takes you through his custom mass building nutrition program. You eat what Calum eats to ensure muscle building success.


What’s more, Von Moger presents his tips and tricks for successful meal planning, which is one of the most important components with achieving your muscle building goals. I really enjoyed the tutorials that he includes for certain meals throughout the day as you are getting the step-by-step instructional video from the man himself.

Coaching Topics

While you aren’t getting personally coached from von Moger, you are getting to listen to his thoughts on some of the most asked questions regarding bodybuilding such as appropriate repetitions ranges and how to deal with weight lifting injuries.

Things to Improve

Excited to See More Workouts

Between the website and app, you are getting everything you need to begin weight training but I’m curious to see the new content that von Moger will post especially for those weight lifters who have been doing it for years.


Printable Dietary Plans

I like how you are getting personalized recipes that von Moger uses in his own diet program. When it comes to the website, as someone who writes everything down, I would like access to a printable meal planner guide in the form of a PDF or Excel file. The obvious solution is to simply use the app but for those guys who like the old school approach to tracking workouts, PDFs are invaluable.


My Recommendation

I think Building von Moger is a worthwhile website to join and a must-have as an exercise program app. The fact that he is scheduling more training guides and nutrition content to be published soon is a good sign as it means he’s staying current despite his chaotic Mr. Universe schedule.


Give Building von Moger a try and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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