Food Based Diets

  • Sacred Heart Diet Review

    WHAT IS THE SACRED HEART DIET? The Sacred Heart Diet is specially formulated to help people suffering from heart conditions. You may also hear this diet...

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  • Peppers and Eggs Made into Hearts | Scarsdale Diet | DIETSiTRIED

    Scarsdale Diet

    WHAT IS THE SCARSDALE DIET? The Scarsdale Diet takes a low carbohydrate, reduced fat, and high protein approach to weight loss. Dr. Herman Tanower first...

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  • The Thrive Diet Review | DIETSiTRIED

    The Thrive Diet

    WHAT IS THE THRIVE DIET? Adhering to raw food and vegan principles, The Thrive Diet is designed to reduce stress and boost weight loss. Brendan Brazier, a...

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  • Women on Tone It Up | DIETSiTRIED

    Tone it Up Diet

    WHAT IS THE TONE IT UP DIET? The Tone It Up diet is a comprehensive fat burning system offering recipes, newsletters, discounts, community support, fitness...

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Lifestyle Diets


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    Insanity Workout

    BACKGROUND OF INSANITY The Insanity Workout is a comprehensive fitness plan. First released in 2009, many people call Insanity the "the hardest workout put on...

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  • p90x Workout


    P90X Workout Review

    What is P90X? P90X is a top-rated work program created by Beach Body. This high-intensity weight-loss plan claims it can get you from ‘regular to ripped’...

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