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Curves Complete is a weight-loss plan focused on offering nutritional, fitness, and motivational support to the women of the world. This comprehensive program provides you with specific food recommendations, customized exercise regiments, and personal consultations. Curves International, the founders of the Curves gyms for women, manages this program. Visit their website for a full spiel.

Curves Complete claims its average user loses 10 pounds within the first 13 weeks of use. We’re here to investigate those claims and give you the answers you need.


Curves Complete provides recipes for a variety of dishes. It’s the user’s responsibility, however, to select ingredients and plan meals which adhere to the following plans:

  • Love it All: Pork chops, eggs, mixed salads, granola bars, pastrami sandwiches, and English muffins.
  • On the Go: Almonds, granola bars, mixed salads, steaks with greens, and whole wheat English muffins.
  • Worldly Chef: Chicken with tomatoes, tacos, edamame, Curves granola bars, and eggs.
  • Health Nut: Quinoa salads, granola bars, salmon, cantaloupe pies, and yogurt.
  • Queen of My Kitchen: Dark chocolate bars, roast beef sandwiches, and quiche.
  • Dietary Restricted: Parfaits, Greek yogurt, roasted veggies, omelets, and tuna salad.

Unfortunately, Curves Complete provides its users nothing but pictures and recipe cards. At no point does Curves Complete elaborate on the specific foods or ingredients allowed on each plan. In short, the program’s dietary requirements are vague and difficult to determine. This poses a major issue for its adherents.


The program is separated into three stages:

  • Phase One: The program teaches you the basics of portion control. During this phase, you are limited to just 1,400 calories per day.
  • Phase Two: In phase two, the program allows users up to 1,500 calories a day. This phase focuses on helping you burn off fat and build muscles. During this stage, activities focus on burning off fat and shedding pounds. Curves Complete provides phase two dieters with a list of recipes, desserts, and diet-friendly restaurants. Phase two ends once you have attained your target weight.
  • Phase Three: The program drastically lessens food and calorie restrictions for dieters who reach this stage. You can now eat up to 2,000 calories a day and return to your typical lifestyle.

Exercise also plays a major role


Exercise plays a major role in this diet plan. This program asks its users to complete the following on a regular basis:

  • Four 30-minute circuits per week at your local Curves fitness center. With the company shedding thousands of locations in recent times, it might be difficult to find one. Curves also recommends alternating between strength training and intensive cardio with each subsequent circuit.
    • Participate in a Zumba or stretching course sponsored by your local Curves center
      • Walk at least 10,000 steps a day.


While the recipes provided look tasty, they do little to emphasize the importance of natural ingredients and whole foods. This may result in its adherents filling up on substandard, chemical-laden meals. In addition, this plan couples lowered caloric intake with intensive workouts. For those suffering from a protein deficiency, this can result in exhaustion and intense hunger pangs. With these facts in mind, it’s unclear if the typical dieter can safely adhere to the demands of Curves Complete.

The Price and Quality of Curves Complete

Curves’ website offers no insight into the price of this program. Rumored costs range between $3.25 per session and $5 per week. The sheer variety of services included, and the variability in meal and membership costs, make it difficult to calculate the true price of Curves Complete.

While this plan benefits from its comprehensiveness, it asks a lot of its adherents.


You can contact Curves International by:

  • Phone: 1(877)673-3144
  • Snail Mail: 5770 Fleet Street, Carlsbad CA, 92008
  • E-mail:

The company has dealt with a variety of lawsuits and a recent avalanche of store closings. At the time of this report, they have 5 resolved complaints with the Better Business Bureau.


Reviews of this program are easy to find. Here are some excerpts:

  • “They will continue to bill you even after you die”
  • “Tried to email and call the customer service staff to cancel but they would not handle a credit dispute”
  • “Had to cancel and when I checked they sent me a very rude and disrespectful answer”
  • “At the gym they offer no helpful support”
  • People generally described Curves Complete as a simple mix of low-calorie diets and exercise. This type of plan is very commonplace. Most reviewers did not seem impressed by the customer service, billing, or consultative services offered by Curves.


    By increasing baseline activity levels, and decreasing caloric intake, Curves Complete offers a no-brainer approach to weight loss. However, many users ended up feeling alone when it came time to look for support. Furthermore, many users found it impossible to escape their contract charges.

    At this time, we are unable to recommend Curves Complete.

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    1. The addition of online nutrition and diet plans, Curves Complete and CurvesSmart ID make the Curves fitness network a total weight loss solution for busy women.

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