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The Dukan Diet relies on high amounts of protein to drive weight loss. This diet severely restricts your diet to a short list of acceptable foods. However, if you adhere to its menu, the diet’s creators claim you’ll lose four to six pounds in the first week. Long-term use leads the average person to lead up to four pounds a week.

With over seven million copies of its official book sold, this get-skinny-quick thing seems popular. Keep reading to find out if the Dukan diet is right for you.

Side Effects and Ingredients on the Dukan Diet

Dukan places a big emphasis on customers preparing their own meals. While the company offers a few premade meals, they’re not a mandatory component of this weight-loss plan. The company breaks Dukan into four distinct phases:

First Phase: “Attack”

This phase lets you eat limitless amounts of nearly 70 different types of animal-based protein. Dukan claims that this stage flushes out excess water and quickens the rate of weight loss.

You must eat one-and-a-half tablespoons of bran and drink between six and eights cups of water every day. While the first limits calorie absorption, the second keeps you hydrated. The program also asks you to gradually introduce exercise into your morning routine.

The duration of this phase depends on the number of pounds you need to lose:

More than 40 pounds: Consult with your doctor before trying this diet. After your consultation, stick with it for a full week.
Between 30 and 15 pounds: Stick with it for three to five days.
Less than 10 pounds: Follow this program between one and two days.

Second Phase: “Cruise” :

The second phase promotes just over two pounds of weight loss a week. In addition to the proteins outlined above, you can choose from 32 different vegetables. This leaves you with more than 100 ingredients to choose from. Please be aware, however, starchy vegetables, such as corn and potatoes, are banned.

You’re now allowed two tablespoons of bran. You continue this phase until you reach your weight loss goals.

Third Stage: “Consolidation”

The third phase of the Dukan Diet helps you keep off the pounds. In addition to its seven diet tips, this stage brings cheese, bread, fruit, and starches back into your diet. As a reward for reaching stage three, you’re allowed to eat off the list twice a week.

For each pound you lost, you need to tack five days onto the end of phase three. So, if you lost 20 pounds, you need to stick with this diet for 100 days.

For the initial half of this diet you need to stick with the following limits:

  • One serving of starch-heavy foods per week.
  • Two tablespoons of bran daily
  • Two slices of grain-heavy bread.
  • One-and-a-half ounces of cheese.
  • One serving of fruit.
  • At least 25 minutes of jogging or brisk walking per day.

For the second half of phase three, however, you must:

  • Eat two fruits or fruit servings per day.
  • Consume just two servings of starch-heavy foods a week.
  • Eat two slices of bread (preferably whole grain).
  • Choke down two spoonfuls of oat bran.
  • Keeep up your daily walks.

Fourth Stage: “Stabilization”

While you can eat whatever you want six days of the week, you need to stick with the recommendations of the third phrase. On that other day of the week, however, you can only eat from the list of proteins laid out in phase one. You must also eat three spoonfuls of oatmeal and continue to exercise on a daily basis. If this proves too difficult, you can purchase coaching for about a dollar a week.


As Dukan focuses on certain foods, the quality of your diet depends on your local grocery stores. Due to the first phase’s ban on anything but protein, however, this diet can be dangerous. WebMD asserts that little is known about the long-term health effects of such diets. They also go on to point out that the Dukan Diet fails to “teach lifelong eating habits.”

Britain’s most prominent network of nutrition experts, the British Dietic Association, named the Dukan diet one of the “diets to avoid.” In conclusion, this diet is potentially dangerous and notorious for its short-term effects.


The price tag for food this diet varies depending on your local grocery stores. The book, meanwhile, can be picked up on Amazon for $14.52. While the company sells web-based support for $29.99 per month, it’s not required. For a diet this dangerous, however, paying anything at all is a bad idea.


Diet Coaching Inc. currently owns the rights to the Dukan Diet. You can contact them by:
Phone: (855) 385-2648
E-mail: contact@dukanbdiet.co.uk


The book itself earned 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. About 13-percent of people scored it as two stars or fewer. Here are some customer reviews:

“Don’t waste your money.”
“This is not a good way to lose ten pounds or less–it is too restrictive and unsustainable.”
“If you want to feel terrible, this is the diet for you!”
“Not an easy diet to follow. Certain foods were required even if you didn’t like them.”
“I am so impressed! The weight came off FAST, and the diet seems healthy and makes sense to me.”

Many customers found Dukan far too restrictive. Complaints about side effects, including brittle nails and fatigue, also featured heavily in customer comments. Some people ended up so tired that they ended up hospitalizing themselves.


Before deciding to use Dukan, you need to make sure it’s backed by proven effects and sound science. This weight-loss strategy fails on both fronts. The dietary restrictions on this diet are extreme and unhealthy. Furthermore, many customers mention the blandness of the food and severity of the side effects involved in pursuing this diet over the long term.

In short, stay far away from the Dukan diet.

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