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Ideal Protein uses proprietary meal replacements, puddings, and drinks to drive long-term weight loss. When coupled with a lifestyle change, these products supposedly produce jaw-dropping amounts of weight loss To help you with these lifestyle choices, Ideal Protein claims it can teach you:

  • The best way to maintain your body weight.
  • How insulin affects your body.
  • Easy ways to burn body fat
  • How to properly combine fats, proteins, and carbohydrates

Because it emphasizes high amounts of protein and fiber, the low-calorie meals on Ideal Protein still manage to suppress your appetite. The true goal of Ideal Protein, however, is teaching people long-term weight-loss strategies. Unlike many dieting products, Ideal protein does not claim to be the end-all-be all to weight loss.


The company did not provide an ingredient listing for any of its foods. Therefore, we’re forced to on customer-supplied images of company-supplied recipes. We have no way to confirm if any of the company’s specific recipes will help you reach your weight-loss goals. The effectiveness of a diet depends on various individual characteristics, such as age, gender, and overall fitness levels:

Customers claim that Ideal Protein’s chocolate shakes contain the following ingredients:

Whey Protein Isolate: Chock full of amino acids, this low-calorie byproduct of cheese manufacturing, helps support muscle growth.

Milk Protein Concentrate:

Derived from skim milk, this ingredient is a cheap protein source commonly used in the food and beverage industry. Most of the milk protein concentrate in the US is actually imported from other countries. One watchdog group stated that expressed concerns that it’s “hard to imagine how regulatory agencies manage to keep track.”

Skim Milk:

Whole milk with its cream removed. This low-fat dairy product is basically a mix of milk and water. While removing the cream reduces calories, skim milk does nothing to promote weight loss.

Alkali-treated Cocoa Powder: A form of cocoa beans that’s been treated with alkali. It possesses more caffeine and fewer nutrients than its untreated counterpart.


You know one thing: sugar’s bad for you. It’s a simple carbohydrate offering nothing in the way of nutritional value. Sugar’s known to have an effect on weight gain, particularly when used every day. Some Ideal Protein meals offer as much as four grams of sugar per serving.


A highly-processed stabilizer and thickener derived from seaweed. Various studies have found it to possess carcinogenic effects. As it also contains zero nutritional value, we believe it’s best avoided.

Xanthan Gum: This thickener is created by mixing sugar with natural bacteria. Companies typically extract it from soy, wheat, or corn.


A manmade sweetener which is more than 1,000 times sweeter than table sugar. Studies have linked it to various side effects: damaged DNA, injured intestines, rabid weight game, and diabetic complications.

Acesulfame Potassium: Calorie-free sweetener about 200 times sweeter than table sugar. Some studies have linked it to side effects, including higher blood sugar, weight gain, and changes in brain function.

Silicon Dioxide:

A mineral akin to plastic. Companies use silicon dioxide to prevent caking and help brittle bones. Digesting large amounts can lead to serious side effects.


Finding an ingredients’ list wasn’t a walk in the park. But, once we did, it was easy to see why.

Many of the ingredients in the Ideal Protein lineup are both cheap and potentially dangerous. Better meal-replacement options exist. It’s best to avoid eating heavy amounts of sugar, artificial additives, and cheap thickeners.

Though each shake offers plenty of protein, it’s low quality. Furthermore, it seems unlikely that these chocolate drinks provide appropriate amounts of amino acids; without these added items, the protein is pretty unlikely.

Overall, Ideal Protein offers low-quality ingredients at a premium price. There is nothing unique that sets Ideal Protein apart from all the other low-quality meal replacement plans out there. Furthermore, many of their ingredients are proven toxins.


If you want to try the company’s products, you need to sign up with a high-priced weight-loss center. You cannot purchase these foods independently from a company membership. While the company never provides food pricing, it does provide pricing for each of its three phases. Here’s what customers experienced:
Phase 1 costs $500 dollar; this averages out to $85.00 a week.
“Phase 2 costs $120 dollars or $60.00 per week.”
“Phase 3 is the cheapet at just $30 dollars per week”
“Around $700 for 10 weeks; or average $70 per week”

In order to get complete pricing, you need to visit one of the company’s full-service centers.


Laboratories C.O.P. owns Ideal Protein. You can reach them by:
Phone: (819) 772-4447
Snail Mail: 60 Jean-Proulx, Gatineau Qc J8Z 1W1

Though there are no complaints currently filed against the company, information about customer service or refunds are non-existent.


You can find plenty of reviews online. Here’s what some customers had to say:

“Waste of $2,700 plus dollars. I would not recommend this to anyone!”
“I can’t seem to come off the diet. Whenever I try to I gain weight back like crazy. I lost all my weight 30lbs and have gained back 5lbs per year.”
“Is ip for everyone? Of course not. Is it the healthiest choice? Nope. ”
“It works but I lost hair the first timed I did the diet.”

People commonly complained about feeling fatigued after using this diet. Plenty of customers also found the proteins bland, tasteless, and overpriced.


Ideal Protein supposedly offers the ideal dieting solution. These claims, however, turned out to be nothing but smoke and mirrors. Their shakes are filled loaded with cheap additives and artificial sugars. Customers often describe Ideal Protein food is often described as chalky, bland, and unfulfilling. When it came to the diet coaching, much of the company’s advice was obvious.

Overall, Ideal Protein seems to be a purely for-profit business. Cheap, unhealthy ingredients, poor support, expensive plans, and a lack of information make Ideal Protein the exact opposite of Ideal.

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  1. The quality of protein used in Ideal Protein diet products has an impact on effective protein absorption the lower the quality, the lower the absorption.

  2. If one were to follow an Ideal Protein Diet there would be intake of sugar as high as 4 grams of sugar per serving, according to one nutrition facts label found online for their shakes.

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