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SlimFast 321SlimFast 321 Diet Plan Side Effects and Ingredients

SlimFast foods include the following ingredients:

Calcium Caseinate:

An ingredient derived from skim milk. Known to contribute to a feeling of fullness.

Concentrated Milk Protein:

A product the US government defines as “Any complete milk protein (casein plus lactalbumin) concentrate that is 40 percent or more protein by weight.”

Cellulose Gel:

A stabilizer and thickener found in toothpaste, laxatives, detergents, and processed foods. Nature found that cellulose gel led to obesity-related syndromes and inflation.

Mono and Diglycerides:

A byproduct of oil processing used to combine fat and water-based ingredients.


A controversial man-made sweetener 1000 times sweeter than natural sugar. A study by Duke University concluded that sucralose alters the gut’s ecosystem.


A thickener extracted from certain species of red seaweed. Numerous studies have linked it to increased risk for inflammation and cancer.

Yellow #5:

Man-made dye that yellows food. It’s also a common allergen. A few organizations have come out in favor of banning this ingredient.

Yellow #6:

A food colorant typically derived from coal tar and petroleum. A study by the University of California found this dye to be commonly contaminated with carcinogens.

Red #3:

An artificial food dye linked to DNA damage and thyroid issues. The FDA banned the use of Red No.3 on our skin in 1990.

Corn Syrup:

Highly-processed sweetener extracted from corn. It’s cheap and commonly used in processed foods.

Confectioner’s Glaze:

A non-vegetarian coating often used to improve the appearance of foods. Typically seen on coffee cakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and sweet rolls.

Isolated Soy Protein:

A 90-percent soy protein extract. Its use leads to reduced testosterone and an increased risk for gout.

Artificial Colors:

Man-made chemicals extracted from tar, oil, and common allergens. These ingredients have zero nutritional value; companies add them to food to give unique, appealing colors.

The Quality of SlimFast 321

Ingredients such as sucralose, food coloring, and carrageenan are unneeded and potentially dangerous. You can easily replace these ingredients with healthier, more wholesome alternatives. While eating Slimfast’s prepackaged foods can lead to weight loss, this is more due to calorie reduction than anything specific to this plan.

Slimfast 123 falls flat on the quality front.

Slimfast 321 and Your Wallet

Pricing varies wildly by location. Four granola bars cost $5.89, 100-calorie snack packs start at $4.93, and a four-pack of high-protein meal replacements cost $6.93 on While inexpensive, Slimfast’s food is of poor quality and unlikely to curb your appetite.

The Reputation of SlimFast 321

Core Science Medica. owns SlimFast 321 and its sister brands. You can reach them by:
Phone: (561)833-9920
Snail Mail: : 777 S Flagler Drive #1400, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

This company once recalled its shakes due to potential contamination. The letter from the FDA read: “The recall was initiated after the company conducted quality testing.” The company did offer a refund to all affected customers.

However, these quality control issues continue to be quite common. There are now 52 open complaints with Consumer Affairs relating to the company’s lackluster quality control. Many products seem to go bad before their expiration date.

What Do Customers Think of SlimFast 321?

Here’s what some customers had to say about SlimFast 321:

“I tried all the products, bars, shakes etc. I got so sick I had to go to the hospital…was hospitalized for gastrointestinal issues.”
“Like many others, I am disgusted with Unilever’s move to change containers and raise the price.”
“The slim fast drink is supposed to be just that, a replacement meal with a sensible dinner, and fast! However how can you expect a drink like this to satisfy you!?”

Most customers ended up hungrier than ever after eating the company’s products. This led to many of them snacking on whatever else they had on hand. Other customers expressed concerns about SlimFast’s low-quality ingredients and high sugar content.


  • You can purchase SlimFast 321 from a wide-variety of vendors.
  • Inexpensive meal and snack options.
  • Offers a wide variety of snacks, beverages, and pre-packaged foods.


  • Pre-packaged meals contain many questionable ingredients.
  • Customers complained about many of SlimFast 321’s features.
  • Does not curb a normal person’s appetite.

Conclusion – Can You Lose Weight on SlimFast 321?

When deciding whether to subscribe the SlimFast 321, you must examine the level of support and types of ingredients involved. The company’s foods are chock-full of sugar or linked to dangerous side effects. Coupling that with the company’s history of poor quality control, makes this less of a weight-loss plan and more of a lottery.

If your meal-replacement leaves you hankering for a doughnut, it’s not doing its job. DIETSiTRIED suggests you take a look at 18Shake instead.

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