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The Thrive Diet is a weight loss diet that claims to help reduce stress by offering whole foods, which in turn promotes weight loss. Vegan and raw foods are only allowed and all information about it is offered in The Thrive Diet book.

It’s intended to be used for a total of 12 weeks. However, adopting a vegan lifestyle is advised when one finished the total 12 weeks. There’s no limit on the amount of foods you can eat as long as they are from the accepted foods list. In reviewing many different weight loss diets our experts concluded the best solution was the 18Shake Diet. It offers both a meal replacement and diet pill made with natural ingredients and no stimulants. The benefits include appetite suppression for hours, increased metabolism, fat burning, improved mood and much more.

The Thrive Diet Ingredients and Side Effects

Details about the diet are limited, though it’s known that there are certain requirements:

• No processed foods.

• Raw energy bar, whole-food smoothie and a big green salad are required each day.

• Meals should consist of high protein, quality fats, and fiber.

• Certain foods should be stocked in your pantry such as green beans, hemp, seaweed, and chickpeas.

• All food should be eaten either using low temperatures or raw. No cooking is allowed for any of the foods.
A sample menu of the types of foods one will eat includes:

• Zucchini chips.

• Smoothie.

• Pesto salad with tomato basil dressing.

• Wild rice yam pancakes with agave nectar and fruit.

• Almond flaxseed burger with a mixed greens salad and sweet pepper hemp pesto dressing.

• Whole foods such as sweet potatoes, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils, peas, asparagus, carrots, celery, zucchini, sea vegetables, quinoa, green tea, and other foods which are not specified.

What’s off limits includes:

• Seafood, eggs, dairy, meat, caffeine, refined carbohydrates, and other carbohydrate heavy foods. This includes coffee, soda, or certain starchy foods.

It’s advised to eat small meals a day to help regulate blood sugar and prevent hunger. Also, there’s no limits on the amounts of foods one can eats as long as they’re vegan and meet the specified criteria.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this diet with a proven meal replacement such as 18 Shake for better results.


The types of foods one has to eat are all vegan and either raw or only slightly heated. It is healthy to introduce large amounts of vegetables, but it’s unknown if this diet will be easy for everyone to use. For those that have never tried a vegan diet this can be extremely restrictive. This is why it’s advised by the creator to slowly ease oneself into a vegan lifestyle. It’s recommended to introduce some raw bars and more vegetables but to not completely follow each piece of advice.

Studies into what a raw vegan diet does to the body have shown possible side effects. One study featured in the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism found:

“Pure vegetarian diets might cause cobalamin deficiency due to lack of dietary intake”

Cobalamin is also known as vitamin b12, which can result in side effects such as:

• Fatigue, restlessness and difficulty with memories.

• Breathlessness, poor balance, and anemia.

• Brain and nerve damage which can become irreversible.

Another study by the Department on Nutrition and Wellness at Andrews University found:
“eliminating all animal products from the diet increases the risk of certain nutritional deficiencies

“special concern for the vegan includes vitamin b-12 and D, calcium, and long-chain n-3 (omega-3) fatty acids”

This is why it’s often required for vegans to supplement with extra vitamins and minerals. These kinds of nutrients are sometimes found in vegetables, but they’re often not enough or cannot be digested properly. Yet another study by the University of Giessen showed that vegans have a risk for:

“higher mortality from coronary heart disease”

The benefits of eating raw foods have also been criticized, as many foods are more nutritionally bioavailable when cooked. This means that the body can process foods better when they are heated, which makes it easier to receivevitamins and minerals.

According to Live Science:

“Raw foods certainly aren’t safer than cooked food”

“cooking… helps with the absorption of carotenoids such as beta-carotene and other nutrients”

The principles of The Thrive Diet are flawed, and the book provides no research of its own to prove why it’s any more effective than other diets. This makes it a poor quality diet, as the claims made are not backed up by any reliable evidence. The registered dietician Janet Brill has commented on this diet by saying:

“the secret to good health and longevity lies not in a detox raw-food fad diet”

According to their analysis, though the added fruits and vegetables arehealthy, there are better ways to reduce stress and weight. No evidence is provided that The Thrive Diet would be a better approach to a vegan diet. Though it does allow for people to eat as much has they would like, it still can lead to serious nutritional deficiencies which can harm the body.

The Price and Quality of The Thrive Diet

The price depends on what grocery stores one goes to. However, there are many recommended foods such as hemp and pumpkin seed oil which can be very expensive.

One also might have to supplement in order to make up for the loss of vitamin b-12, vitamin D, iron, calcium and other nutrients. This can raise the price of having to spend money on fresh wholefoods even more.

A serious potential risk of this diet is that it can lead to nutritional deficiencies.


The Thrive Diet was created by the former endurance athlete Brendan Brazier. He was most famous for creating the Vega brand which makes supplements and foods. He first created Thrive in 2007.

He does not explain how he came up with this diet, nor does he have a background in nutrition or weight loss diets. He does offer cookbooks that help provide more insight into what can be eaten while on this diet.


Listed here are some direct quotes from users of the diet:

“contains many scientific explanations… unfortunately are not footnoted and therefore are unverifiable”

“recipes call for foreign, hard to find and not very palatable ingredients”

“making a large impact on my energy level”

“it’s an easy and fun read”

Any diet high in vegetables is likely to help produce increased energy and better mood. There were many who said they noticed an increase in energy.

There wasn’t much discussion on whether or not people lost weight or gained lean muscle mass as promised. There were only a handful of people that offered information about anything related to weight.

Some did mention that the food options are limited and that they were unable to find all the required foods. A common concern was that it became expensive, and that the food recommendations are unsatisfying.


The Thrive Diet is presented as a way to energize the body, support lean muscle growth, and aid in weight loss. It’s possible to lose weight when one only eats a vegan raw food based diet. The issue is that this might not be a healthy strategy. Many clinical studies have confirmed the fact that vegans require extra supplementation with vitamins and minerals. Raw foods have also been dismissed as being unnecessary, and there’s no proof provided that this is safe. Customers have also complained that there’s a lack of evidence for many of the claims. It’s also expensive according to users. Having to spend money on difficult to find or expensive food products which are specialty goods. The major criticism is thatthe author of this diet has not proven it works or is safe for weight loss.

Our experts have analyzed many diet plans and they have concluded the most effective for weight loss is the 18Shake Diet. It combines both a appetite suppressing meal replacement shake and a fat burning stimulant free diet pill. Both are made with natural ingredients, and customers have said they are potent in promoting well-rounded weight loss results. Customertestimonials and reviews are featured on their official website from satisfied users.

The 18Shake Diet is also backed by a full 30 day money back return policy. This allows for people to make a return with no questions asked within the 30 days.

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