Drunken Munchies


Drunken Munchies are Real! Three Tips to Avoid the Morning After Bloat


Being on a diet doesn’t exclude you from an active social life. So, when that girlfriend calls you out for drinks, you’d better go. But, you’ll need to bring something besides your wallet: a battle plan. After all, failing to plan is the first step towards planning to fail. So, you’ll enter the bar aiming to dodge the appetizers, keep the cocktails low calorie, and drink plenty of water. No hangovers; no weight gain; and no problems.

But, before you know it, that well-laid plan, and your sobriety, have been laid to waste. The night was fantastic. The next morning, however, is a nightmare. You roll out of bed feeling sick and remorseful. What exactly happened last night?

Drunk munchies . The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that people eat far more calories after they’ve had a few drinks. I.E. Drinking now means onion rings and chili cheese fries later.

Considering how far alcohol lowers your inhibitions, this junk food binging makes perfect sense. After a hard night of drinking, we’ve all woken up wondering, “Why the hell did I say that?”. When you’re drunk, your focus on long term goals (a flat belly) lessens. After all, the inebriated brain is hardwired to seek out immediate gratification (those delicious, fatty foods). But, worry not, you fat buster! You have options.


Here are a few things you can do to stave off the drunken munchies (aside from quitting booze cold turkey):

#1 Limit your alcohol consumption to two drinks a day.

#2 Try to stay more than 30 feet away from the bar. A study by Men’s Health found that being any closer increases the average man’s alcohol consumption by 170 percent.

#3 Before heading out, snack on something chock full of protein and healthy fats; nuts, such as walnuts or macadamias, fit the bill. They’ll help slow down alcohol absorption and level out your blood sugar.

With these tips on hand, you should be able to battle away those drunken munchies! Party healthy, my friend!