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Workout Reviews: Von Moger’s Muscle Building Programs

Workout Review: Classic Physique

Let’s jump into Von Moger’s latest workout for muscle building: his classic physique program. This workout is not for the inexperienced or those with a tight schedule.


Von Moger’s aim with this workout program is to allow you to pair the appropriate muscle groups together to achieve that classic-style bodybuilding physique. Think Frank Zane and the early days of Arnold.


This program requires five hard-hitting days of work with one rest day. The muscle pairings begin with an upper and lower split but by the latter half of the week, you’re hitting upper and lower muscle groups together. This is going to be ideal for triggering the right amount of hypertrophy to see serious growth.


It goes without saying that this program requires a lot of dedication and not just inside the gym. Five days of training is going to be a lot on your body so you MUST complement this program with an effective nutrition and supplementation programs. What’s more, you need to be sleeping at least 8 hours every night. If any of these things are missing, you run the risk for overtraining and injury.


Workout Review: Pump Watch (Beginner’s Program)

What about for the beginners? Von Moger has designed an excellent weight lifting program for those who want to make their first steps into the world of bodybuilding but some prior experience may be necessary. Here’s why:


Von Moger separates each major muscle group into its own day. For example, chest is trained on one day while back is trained on another. This is a beginner-friendly approach to maximizing hypertrophy for each individual primary mover. However, this is not a beginner’s program for the complete beginner who has never lifted a weight before.


If you’ve never stepped into a weight room or performed more than a push-up, you will need to become familiar with the foundation of weight lifting. Before you can build your body to look like Von Moger, you need to develop crucial firing patterns and working relationships between all of your major muscle groups. Trying to jump into a bodybuilding workout with no prior lifting experience is like trying to run a marathon when you’re still crawling.


If you have lifted before and you’ve completed at least a few months of full body workouts, allowing your body to develop the necessary connections to excel at isolation movements, then I’d definitely suggest giving Von Moger’s beginner’s guide to bodybuilding a try.


Would I Recommend Von Moger’s Workouts?

Absolutely, Von Moger has put a lot of time and effort into creating a series of great workouts and these two are just the tip of the iceberg.


Again, I would only advise trying these programs if you have prior experience with weight lifting. If you’ve mastered the form of the squat, deadlift, bench press, and clean and jerk, then by all means, have at these programs. You’ll be amazed at the size gains you see.